About Us

Better Salsa


Jeff started making salsa a few years ago after we had a bumper crop of tomatoes and peppers. His initial mission was to make a salsa so hot you couldn't eat it. After experimenting with recipes, growing the hottest peppers in the land, and a little bit of practice, he came up with Fire in the Hole. That recipe has since been toned down to Flamethrower--and while it is still pretty hot, it is edible. The other salsas in this year's collection: Brother's K, Medio Loco, and Beth all have a story and it starts with the same great ingredients, most of which are grown on our farm without chemicals or pesticides. You can tell our salsa is different before you open the jar; we fire-roast everything for the best flavor possible.  

All-natural ingredients.  Tomatoes. Peppers. Onions. Garlic. Spices. And lime juice. 


We can our salsa in small batches right on our farm. 

Lastly, our salsa comes in authentic Ball Mason jars, which means that they’re reusable!.  Give the jars to a friend who gardens, put your leftover soup in it, or bring them back to our farm for Jar Day in the spring.



We spent a year in Mexico, tasting different salsas and watching how it's made.  When we got back, we began experimenting with different cooking methods and recipes. Red Barn Salsa is the result:  fresh ingredients grown without chemicals right on our little vegetable farm.

Our Plan


When you shop with us, you are supporting our efforts to create the highest-quality salsa without chemicals or preservatives.  Purchasing Red Barn Salsa supports our family, our land, and our community.  Even our jars are reusable! They're standard Ball Mason jars and can be returned to us to be cleaned and used again, or they can be given to a friend who cans their own produce.